October 2016

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October: Festival Month and

Homecoming. These are two events that I endorse fully. They open our doors to a community that is all around us. We are not an island but a part of a community that exists right here at home. It becomes a joy to see and hear the laughter of children that run from game to game having fun and excited

about the day. I watch them in the bounce houses, and watch as they, alongside the adults, line up for hot dogs, nachos, drinks, popcorn and cotton candy. There is no charge. Most festivals I have been to the food is highly priced. It’s not that way at our festival. Everything is free! Also, hundreds of bags of groceries are given out with our blessing. This is only a portion of what goes on. There are puppets, live music, cake walks, pumpkins and more. May God have all the glory for it is given in Jesus’ name as a blessing to the community. Then there is Homecoming. Our Church was born in a prayer meeting on a New Year’s Eve. While those were praying all that evening around midnight came the move to open a new church in Highland Village. The following Sunday, the small group met in a rented facility on the Monroe County fair ground. God blessed the efforts and land was purchased where we are located and the first unit was erected. Since that time, we have gone through five building programs and the

Church stands debt free as well as the property next door (where we hope to see another building constructed soon). God truly has blessed Highland Faith over these 42 years. We have been able to present the Gospel in Word, in song and in sponsoring missionaries all over the world. The Lord is moving in these last days in supernatural ways. Let’s share the victory by each one walking

in the love and compassion of the Lord. It’s been a real blessing and a joy to pastor this church these last 42 years, and to pray with each of you in sickness and in health. May God continue to bless as we follow and honor Him.

Join us in Worship this month,

Your Pastors,

Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard


What’s Happening


Sun., Oct. 9, 6 p.m. Final Festival Planning Meeting. Please come and help us prepare for a successful Festival!

Sunday, Oct. 9, Coat Drive! Coats are due this day! Please bring coats (of any size) to donate to the Appalachian Ministry.

Thurs., Oct. 13, 6 p.m, Grocery Bagging!!! Please come help!

Fri. Oct. 14,6 p.m. Final preparation for the Festival! Please come help set up prepare the grounds for the Festival.


Sun., Oct. 16,6 p.m. DIVAs.

Sun., Oct. 23, HOMECOMING with Paul Murray (from South Bend) ministering at 10:30 a.m., followed by a pitch-in luncheon. At 2 p.m. Singer/Musician Kirby Stailey, from French Lick will minister in music. This is a new artist for Highland Faith. Come and enjoy a wonderful day in God’s presence.

**SPEED- THE-LIGHT pledges are coming due in November!!!

high sierra







High Sierra will be singing at Highland Faith Wed. October 12 at 7 pm.


Rita’s Review












Against my wishes, the season has changed. Autumn is upon us with falling leaves, falling temperatures and fewer daylight hours. I find myself wishing I could be like some of the birds who

migrate to warmer temperatures this time of year. I think God negotiates with people like me who don’t care too much for autumn; in exchange for taking away the summertime, he gives beautiful colors

to the landscape. A person cannot escape the beauty of God’s handiwork as they look upon the trees and autumn flowers. There are some people who do not believe God exists. In my opinion, they

have to work really hard at believing that. How could the colors of the rainbow have formed without God? How could the beautiful colors found in marine life have developed under water where little sun

touches? How could the colorful birds and animals have formed with no orchestrated thought behind them? In almost magical moments, someone (I will call him God) knew that colors would

help to protect and defend his creation in daily life! Just to sit and ponder the wonders of

God is overwhelming! His mercies are new every morning, and the joy found in knowing that He loves us is more than enough for me to say, “Autumn God? Bring it on! Bring your awesomeness to

each and everyone of us. And may we praise you with our whole heart!” – rita

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