April 2016

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April 2016. With the passing of another winter we are moving squarely into spring. Spring slipped upon us with the moving into a fresh time zone that I like to call “Government Time,” for certainly it’s not sun time or the Lord’s time. My sundial gets all bent out of shape trying to get turned enough degrees to register. Spring also brought with it a time of celebration with Palm Sunday. However I look forward each year to Easter, when we celebrate the glorious anointing that has ever happened when Jesus was raised from the grave, and today is setting at the right hand of the Father, making intersession for each one of us. Because of his death and burial with the stone rolled firmly across the entrance of the tomb and the seal that no man could have broken because of the guarding of the tomb by solders. All of this seemed so futile for when the Father looked down and saw his only son’s body being held in captivity, sent the Holy Spirit on a mission to raise him from the dead, and in so doing defeated death once and for all. That mission gives you and I an insight with the father himself, whereby the devil who is the enemy of our souls has been put on notice. God’s people are not in his hand anymore, but have been set free from the powers of death and are alive forever more. This spring we had an early Easter and I am here to report that my Jesus is alive and well! He has conquered death, Hell, and the grave! April is here! Let us rejoice in the fullness of God’s plan, for his plan is filled with love and forgiveness. The love that Jesus bestowed at Calvary opened up the communication gap that had been sealed off because of sin for hundreds of years. Today I rejoice in the Lord for I am free of condemnation and guilt; forgiven and I have a new resurrected life in Christ that will never pass away! You can enjoy that life too!



What is Happening

Sun., April 3, Jr. Church: Ascension Celebration and Surprise, including Breakfast at Ellettsville McDonalds @ 8:30 a.m.

Sun., April 10, Missionaries to Africa, Mark and Judy Hayburn, will speak @ 7 p.m.

Sun., April 10 @ 6 p.m. Planning Mtg. for Camp Meeting. Those willing to help with the services are asked to be in attendance.

*** April 15 & 16 will be the annual Clothing and food giveaway, accompanied by a rummage sale. Proceeds and donations go to the church’s benevolence fund to help purchase supplies and emergencies for those in need. Volunteer Workers please contact Judy Shultz for scheduling.

Sun., April 17 DIVAs @ 6 p.m. Mtg will include additional planning & discussing of a couple of upcoming events.

April 23, Youth Rally! Bus will leave at 5:45 pm, sponsored by The Flood. Speaker: Timothy McCain. Games, Drama, Praise & Worship!






It’s April! And with all the changes of the seasons, from cold one day to warm the next, we try to adjust. For some people, the desire of rain is strong in order to keep the pollen count low. For others, the warm, dry days allow thoughts of garden-planting, landscaping, and other outdoor activities. All we can do is be as flexible as possible, and pray that our timing fits in with “Mother Nature’s” schedule. And with change, we can reflect on politics. This year is an election year for our president. Again, all we can do is pray (earnestly) that citizens will cast their vote for the one who will lead our nation in the right direction. We need to pray for leaders who will unashamedly bow their knee to God and seek direction from Him. The subject of “change” can sometimes be difficult to handle. When we face situations that cause us to question what we know as normal, we should take it to God. A few years ago, there used to be a popular saying: WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? I don’t see the bracelets and banners as frequently as I once did. But the practice of mentally asking the question should be on our minds at all times. If Jesus would approve, shouldn’t we do it? And if not, shouldn’t we rethink whether or not our “normal” should continue? Understanding that God wants the best for His Children should be enough for us to accept change of our plans to meet the Will of His – every day! Let’s follow God faithfully! -rita



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