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The Word says “There is a time to sow, a time to reap.” There is a time to play and a time to be serious. There is a lesson to be learned in the times that has been spent. One of the down falls of the old Roman Empire was that they walked in lavish fashion for their day. After sleep we are told they ate, drank

and rose up to play. Their playground was at one time the most lavish and feared kingdom on earth. But their luscious lifestyle brought them into a nation of bankruptcy and defeat. Today their great marble coliseums lay in ruin along with the other great buildings and gardens that are now just in their history. As a builder, I had to stop from time to time and check to see if the  foundations were square and make sure everything was level and plumb. Always making second-checks on the electric I didn’t want to start any unwanted fires. As a farmer we checked the weather, and also the fencing. As a pastor, April is a month I check to see if the direction that I pursued on is truly the way that God is leading for that year. I have never been one to do the same thing over just for the sake of it but I want to be sure we are in God’s will. April becomes that month when we plan for activities to touch the community. This April we have the give-away along with the celebrations of Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Also we ae putting the last trimmings on Camp meeting 2017. We have a great group coming May 3-7. Don’t let the history of Rome go unnoticed. While they rose up to play, they lost it all. Paul tells in the Word that when I was a child, I did as a child, but when I became a man, I put away childish things. God help the church to put away childish things and become the person that God has in mind for us to be. There are lives that are lost and going to wind up in Hell. It seems we had rather play than to tell them that Jesus Loves Them, and that he has made a way for them to receive the grace and love of God, and that it will lead them into Eternal Life. Today, as we plan for the future, don’t be left out.

May God Bless You

Your Pastors,

Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard

What’ s Happing

SUN., April 2, Christian Cavaliers will

minister in the 10:30 a.m. service

April 7 and 8 – Clothing & Food Give

Away. Rummage Sale on other items

will benefit the Benevolence Fund.

Hours are 9-4 on the 7th and 9-noon on

the 8th. Volunteers will be much


April 9, Palm Sunday! We will have a

drama and a victory march with a great

time of celebrating Jesus’ famous walk

to Jerusalem in the 10:30 a.m. service.

April 14, Good Friday. An Upper-

Room celebration of the Lord’s last

supper will begin at 7 p.m,

April 15, Easter Egg Hunt 1 p.m.

April 16, Easter Sunday – we celebrate

our risen Lord!

Sun., April 23, 6 p.m. Mtg of the

Church Board AND of DIVAs.

Sun., April 30, Mtg for the Camp

Meeting WorkersN olunteers at 6 p.m,

Coming: 2017 Campmeeting May 3-7!

Rita’s Review 


At this time of year, our thoughts are reflective of the Easter Season. With the arrival of spring, we see fresh color in the landscapes, new birth of the animals, and everything seems to come out of hibernation with the warmer temperatures. This month we celebrate the ultimate choice – the time when Christ’s love was revealed in an awesome way– when he laid down his life for us. I’ve thought a

lot about the word “choice” lately. For the animals, God gave them the ability to assume certain characteristics to survive in their habitat. But choice doesn’t seem to be a gift given to them.

Mankind, however, was given the ability to choose so many options. Out of all creation, it was mankind whom God wanted a personal relationship with, yet God still offered a choice when he made

Adam and Eve. Throughout history, the Bible records God’s communion with man, and we read of accounts where God’s closest friends chose wrongly and suffered great loss. (Doesn’t it make you

wonder how someone so close to God can be wrong?) Christ chose to give his life for our salvation on a rugged cross. He allowed himself to be humiliated and killed so that we could be free. If you had one choice today, would it not be to worship the One who loved you so much that he surrendered his will and his life for you? Today, you do have a choice. I hope you choose to consider God’s forgiveness and

his mercy. It’s extended to you today. (Please make good choices.) -rita

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