December 2017









December 2017 – Where did it go? It was January yesterday; now, it is December. Like a flash – that is what this life really is. As much as we try to make of this life, it is not the final destination. We have a permanent home waiting for us on the other side of the shore. Yesterday I was a child; today I am a man. How many times have we heard or said that statement? Yet it’s true. Life here is like a vapor.
We come into this world, make a mark that mayor may not scratch history’s charts. But soon that mark or recall is erased with time and all seems to be in arears. But God’s plan for our lives or our history doesn’t fit into the same historical model the world seems to have. He is scoring our short life span
that we have here in the book of record that he is keeping. His history records will not erode but will one day be opened when he passes out eternity’s rewards that will excel every thought and reward that this world has to offer December is a time of ending as we close out the current year. But as we do we also look for new beginnings. This December, I want to announce unto you and unto the world that “unto you this day in the city of David a child has been born, the government will be on his shoulders and they shall call him the prince of peace.” Yes, a child was born in Bethlehem and he has made a change
in each of our lives. December is not a month just to buy gifts and to have major dinners. It’s a time to rejoice for Jesus has come to redeem our lives from a life filled with sorrow, judgment and finally death. Today, we have a new outlook on time though 2017 has flown by. Jesus has given us eternity td
live and to have the resources of God. He has destroyed death and conquered the enemy of our soul. Life everlasting is not subject to a 12-month period; neither is it subject to the world’s way of life. Rejoice evermore in Jesus!

May God Bless You
Your Pastors,
Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard

What’s Happening

Sat., Dec. 9, 3 p.m. DIVA’s Christmas

Party at Rosie’s house on Hwy 45. See
Rosie for details.
Fri., Dec. 15, 6: 30 p.m. Annual
Christmas Supper. Come enjoy a time
of fellowship.

Sun., Dec. 17,6 p.m, Youth
Presentations. The Jr. Church will be
presenting “We Three Spies” followed
by the Youth Group in “An Ending to
Remember” .
In December, the Youth will deliver
Christmas cards (in house) for
donations. Last day is for card
collection is Dec. 20.
**DIV A’s are selling raffle tickets for
the 2017 Quilt. Proceeds will go to the
Hartford City Church Camp. Please
buy your ticket(s) for the Dec. 20

Rita’s Reviews

Can you believe we are already making plans for the end of 2017? Where does the time go? Looking back over the year, there have been moments I wanted to hold onto. I wanted to close my eyes and hope that life could continue on the same course for just a little longer. But life goes on, and so
shall we. Some things allow us the opportunity to change; others do not. I am so glad (and grateful) that God does NOT change! He loves us no matter what we think of ourselves, or how much of a mess we make of our circumstances. God gave us His greatest gift when He shared Christ with the world. For
33 years, Christ walked among mankind, learning and teaching others about the faithfulness of the Heavenly Father. It’s sweet to hold a precious baby. To look at its innocence and wonder what the future holds. Imagine Mary, who had been visited by the angel. As she held Baby Jesus that first
night, what she might have been thinking. The Bible says often that Mary “kept things in her heart”, and
that she “pondered”. Mary knew the origin of Baby Jesus. To think she was holding God’s Son and that she was chosen to be his mother. How Awesome! This Christmas Season, enjoy every night as a Holy Night and give honor and praise to our Savior, Jesus Christ, and to our creator, God the Father. -Merry Christmas -rita







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