July 2016

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July 2016. This month we celebrate our nation’s freedom! We have come a long way since Patrick Henry made the famous statement “Give me liberty or give me death”! And Paul Revere’s famous ride

declaring “The British are coming! The British are coming!” We didn’t have much of an army in those days, but with a leader like George Washington and his trust in God, it was sufficient to win the war and bring freedom and liberty to America, the new nation. One of the cold winters that took place under that struggle for freedom from the British Taxation without any representation found men who were cold and hungry, armed with only shotguns and muskets. A few carried clubs and pitch forks. At the brink of defeat, George Washington held a prayer meeting. The men, half frozen from the cold got down in the snow banks and prayed unto God for deliverance and a country that they could freely worship God in without being subject to some government rules. Needless to say, the tone of the battle changed dramatically and they went on to defeat the strongest army in the world. We honor those who wrote the proclamation, and put together the constitution and bylaws that have brought direction to this great nation for the last 240 years. Our flag, which we give honor to, started with only 13 stars as a Lady named Betsy Ross envisioned. Time has changed many of the things that was at the beginning of our nation, however the God that brought those troops through in spite of the cold weather and shortage of weapons and ammunition will still be our strength and guide if we put our trust in him. Jesus is still reaching out to our nation and making it possible to give freedom to souls even over the objection of those who would persecute the church. Today we have more missionaries reaching the world with the gospel than any other nation in the world. God Bless America


Sun., July 3, Evening Service will be at

6 pm (not 7 pm) and will be followed

with Cookout-Pitchin Supper. We will

enjoy good food, homemade ice cream

and fireworks at dusk. Come celebrate

with us!


Sun., July 10, Missionary Dave Johnson

(Stationed in the Phillipines), will

minister at 7 p.m.


Sun., July 17, Mtg of Church Board

and of DIVAs at 6 p.m.


Sun., July 17, Missionaries Rich and

Wanda Ferguson (Stationed in Peru)

will minister at 7 p.m.


Wed., July 27, Gideon Speaker will be

with us in the 7 p.m. Service.







Here we are in the midst of summer. Are you loving the heat and humidity that Indiana summers bring? Some of the modern conveniences, like air conditioning and ice cubes are very valuable about now aren’t they. I think about the world as we know it now and marvel at how far technology has come.

We can travel around the world (and even into outer space), we can microwave almost anything, high-rises are commonplace in today’s society, and do we even need to mention the thrill of the

internet and its capabilities? I wonder what our forefathers would think if they could see what Americans enjoy today. I wonder how frustrated they would become if they knew that people

burn our flag. I can imagine the atmosphere in Independence Hall when the men were told that there would be a contraption placed on vehicles that would monitor where we go and at what speeds.

Those contraptions are common today, yet we like to say we are free. Our cell phones can tell us where we are at any moment and again, we say we are free. Hmmm, I tend to wonder about the

“freedom” we have. I’m so thankful that freedom in Jesus is a known entity. We are free from sin

because he purchased our salvation! There’s no need to worry about condemnation when our lives are

redeemed by His blood. If you haven’t already, July would be a fantastic time to find your Independence from sin! Come to Jesus and find freedom!


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