June 2016

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June 2016. Already we are almost half way in 2016. June is called the Love month by most couples. Many bride and grooms pIan their wedding for the month of June. it’s a beautiful time of year when most of the fresh budding of flowers and plants are setting into full blossom. A few days ago while traveling in the Tennessee Mountains we went to visit a very lovely place that was already in full bloom called Parrot mountain. It was filed with exotic birds that liked to talk. These beautiful birds were filled with love: they loved to eat what you fed them; they loved to sit on your arm or shoulder. Many would sit on your head. they were wonderful to see! Also located on this mountainside were scenes of the life of Jesus. A very real tomb was cut out of the stone, but the best part was that it was empty! There was also a cross like the one on which Jesus died. I was impressed with the display of love that could be felt in the garden that was dedicated to the life of Jesus and to the beautiful birds. I felt as if I was in the annex to the Garden of Eden. I don’t know when I have ever experienced such a warm feeling of love for a garden as I felt while walking between the stable, the cross, and the empty tomb. I read the passages taken from the Word of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit bore witness in my heart of the love that God had for each of us as he gave his very best to redeem us from sin. I am so thankful that he gave us an eternal hope and a promise that we could be with him. He said “In my father’s house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you that I might come again and receive you unto myself.” The love many find in life here cannot compare with the love that Jesus has for us



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With June, we think of Father’s Day and how we celebrate the occasion with our fathers (I like to call mine “dad”). Reflecting back, I laugh when I think of my Grandpa Deckard, because the man liked ice cream. He’d vacation with us from time to time and I remember him suggesting, over the CB radio no less, that he could use an “ice cream” stop. And then there’s my dad. Most of you who know him, know you can practically set the clock by his eating habits. Ha! And then there’s my husband who absolutely needs fed at least three meals a day! He works hard, so I agree he needs fed. (I praise God that he’s blessed us to where we have not known hunger.) But today at work I had a conversation with a woman about God and his goodness. It was a long conversation and when I looked at the clock, it was near lunchtime. I was not hungry in the least. I had such a (full) feeling after talking about God that it occurred to me that was probably how Jesus felt when he ministered to the Samaritan woman at the well and his friends were concerned for his nourishment. Jesus told them that he had been “fed” (John4:5-34). Let’s “talk (and live) Jesus” to a hungry world! Watch them consume His Nourishment!


What’s Happening

Fri., June 17, Field trip for the Jr. Church.


Sun., June 19, Father’s Day. Every father present will be honored. Plan to bring your whole family and worship with Dad this Sunday.

Since the 3rd Sunday is Father’s day, we will be arranging different dates for the monthly Church Board Mtg and DIVA mtg.


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