June 2017








June 2017, somewhere lost in the spear of time is a great balance line that makes the difference between our quest to find ourselves in this hour of fast pace life that most of us find ourselves

in, and the real world we live in. There is only time to anticipate what life would be like if we didn’t have so many appointments and what it would be like if there were no deadlines. There are

instances when deadlines are set aside but those instances are few and far between. Today if we look at tomorrow with a forward glance, it seems the next glance is gone and tomorrow is yesterday. Life is like that but we do have a future. Jesus planned a future for each of us in His kingdom. Never do we have to anticipate our yesterdays for Jesus has paid our fare, prepared for us an eternal home where the mortgage never comes due, no utility bills will be sent, and the taxes never succeed us. Jesus will be the light of that city, and the water is already established. It will flow from the throne and will bring healing and virtue. No need for medical insurance or doctor visits for the water of life will bring the healing virtue. The light of the sun and the moon will be turned off for they will no longer be needed. When we move into tomorrow’s home, there is going to be a sense of worship and love such as we have never known here. We will never have to go through the Valley of Baca ever again. The psalmist wrote of the value of the presence of the all- mighty God that could be felt in his worship and admiration of the holy presence of God himself. Many are searching, looking for that blessed occasion with little hope of finding it. Most however, are looking in the wrong places. As much as we love sports, lasting peace will never be found there. As much as we enjoy entertainment or parties, peace will never be found there either. It’s not in politics, nor can it be bought with money. Peace is knowing Jesus Christ as your savior. Receive his love today and be set free from all of the world’s holds.


May God Bless You

Your Pastors,

Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard



JUNE’s Happenings

Sun., June 4, 7 p.m., Lissa Russi will be

with us. She is a missionary to France.

Come and be bless by how God is

moving in France.



Sun., June 18, Father’s Day! Let’s

honor our fathers this special day! We

invite all our fathers to be with us.

Sun., June 25, 6 p.m. Mtg of the

Church Board AND of DIVAs. (Ladies,

be sure and don’t miss this DIVA’s

meeting coming up.)

Our July 4 celebration will be Sunday

evening on July 2. The evening service

will begin at 6, with cookout and

festivities to follow. We anticipate a

great fireworks after the sun sets. Come

and enjoy!


Rita’s Review

It’s important to take a little time and “celebrate” the moments we have in life. With June bringing us Father’s Day to celebrate, I want to mention that there are three special fathers in my life: One, my own dad has been a part of my life/actions/dreams/experiences for 50+ years and I want to thank him for instilling the Gospel in my life. A father who will teach his child God’s ways and who will try to walk a Godly path is truly trying to serve God. (I wish every child was as fortunate as I have been. I love you dad!) Then there’s my husband. I’ve watched him be the most awesome dad to our girls. He’d wake thinking how best to care for them; and he’d go to bed wondering if he did everything right. His quiet watch over them was for protection and safety; not overbearing, but always giving one more effort to make their lives more comfortable. (I love you Ron for loving your family!) And who could overlook my father- in-law. People, I have to say it, I’ve got on of the best father-in-law in the whole world. He’s never been more than a phone call away. He’s been ever ready with support, a hug, and/or a word of encouragement. He’s never failed to tell me he loves me when I’m in his presence. I wish all people could experience the quality of a wonderful father-in-law such as mine. (I love you Gary!) And I praise God above that all these dads mirror the image of God who first loved us!                -rita


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