March 2017









March is when we move our clocks forward an hour. We grumble about the inconvenience: to go back in the fall and forward in the spring. This isn’t something new. Many have been doing this for decades. Fortunately you and I had a few years reprieve as the time was moved forward and left several years, putting Indiana sort of in between the elements on either side of us. North, south, east and west we were out of touch. Truly, if we were going to move, we should have begun it in the fall and moved back into he time zone that coordinates with the sun. However, we didn’t, and now when we move in the spring time, we are two hours ahead of the sun. Try to set your sundial to that combination. Instead of turning the key to the north, it has to be turned to the south-southeast to get a correct reading. Well that’s Indiana for you, trying to outrun the sun. The other thing we are trying to outrun is God with our fast-paced ways and our ideas that we don’t need him anymore. Through the years, March has been the month that is known as the “Mother of Light” month, a time when we begin to see more daylight as spring and summer approaches. And today we are trying to capture all the daylight that we can squeeze in. The month of March brings us to the place that we listen intently to the words of the Son. Jesus said in Matthew 5:14 “Ye are the light of the world”. Verse 15 tells us not to hide our light. And verse 16 tells us to let our lights shine before men. Is your light shining? What kind of glow are you leaving for your family, friends, and the world to see by? Our light shines brightest when we walk with Christ and let the world know that Christ comes before anything else on earth. He is before our job; he is before our recreation; he is first on our list. If something has to be taken off our list, what will it be? Will it be our walk with him? Or will it be something else? There is nothing more important than to let your light shine for Christ and to leave a testimony to your children, family and friends.

May God Bless You

Your Pastors,

Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard


March’s Happing’s

SUN., March 12, TIME CHANGE! The

evening services will begin at 7 again.

Sun., March 19, 6 p.m. Mtg of the

Church Board.

Sun., March 19, 6 p.m. Mtg of the

DIVAs. The women’s group have

special projects planned for 2017 and

would like for you to be a part.

Sun., March 26,10:30 a.m. Gary

Ellison will be speaking. Gary and Lori

are serving in Port Vila, Vanuatu. They

are part of the missionary teams we


Coming: 2017 Campmeeting May 3-7!


Rita’s Review










Woo-hoo! It’s March! Old man winter may try to last another month, but winter is almost over! I’ve been noticing the buds are beginning to grow on the tree branches again. Hope of another spring is within reach and very much welcomed. Speaking of March, you can say “the winds of change” are with us. Whew, it seems like all we have heard the last six months are words about change. Change in government, change in healthcare, change in the economy … You know what doesn’t change? Death and Taxes! Well, at least death anyway … Winter always reminds me of death, because it is cold and gray (at least in. Indiana). I should look at it as a resting and restorative time for the earth, because when spring and summer come, the earth beams with new beauty. Our lives here are much like the seasons. Troubles come our way and for a while we have to go through a “winter” season. Just as there IS life under the earth’s surface, God IS with us. He holds us close to Him and whispers for us to trust in His Word. Before long our lives burst forth into a new season of joy where we realize we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ our Lord! There is New Life in Jesus! His Blessings are New with Every Morning! Trust Him with Your Tomorrows! Enjoy March! Enjoy Spring! Enjoy the Savior’s Love for You!




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