March 2016




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In John’s Gospel, Jesus sent a message to the Churches scattered throughout the land. The message was firm yet gentle. It was an invitation to come into the infinite love that Jesus shed forth; he wanted the churches to be found in the presence of His love and freshness of the Holy Spirit that was moving in their midst. Today, churches that receive this message are flourishing with the presence of the Holy Spirit! It is as good today as it was when it was first poured out on the day of Pentecost! The Pentecostal experience isn’t just defined in a day’s activity, but is founded in the dispensation of the working of a miraculous God who has opened Heaven’s doors to even our generation, so we too can be a chosen people who lives under the banner of being forgiven by the grace of God! The Lord’s message to Highland Faith for 2016 is along the same lines as He has revealed in the past. In 2014 we knew He was going to “manifest” himself to the fullest; in 2015 we had the witness that there was “healing in the wings”. Today we receive the word of “Vision”. I believe in having vision for the great move of God that is flowing across the State oflndiana. The Word says, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” I pray, “Lord give each of us a greater vision. Let us reach out where people are perishing and bring them to safety.” I want our church to be a church that not only knows about revival but one that is consistently IN revival. The sixth church mentioned in Revelation is the Philadelphia Church. Chapter 2, verses 7- 13 says it was a church with a key that had an open door to God; a door that nobody could close. Those who passed through that door were brought closer to God; those who opposed were going to be cut off and destroyed. The Lord made a promise with them who passed through that door and kept the faith that He would quickly come for them.

Truly today, we welcome His returning.

God bless in 2016, Your Pastors,

Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard


What’s Happening

March 13, TIME CHANGES! Move your clock forward 1 hour!









Sun., March 13, 6 p.m. Mtg of Church Board.

Sun., March 13, 7 p.m. Christian Cavaliers from Columbus, IN.




Sun., March 20, Palm Sunday! The 10:30 message: Walk with the Savior.


Sun., March 20, 6 p.m, DIVAs Prayer Meeting.


Fri., March 25, Good Friday communion Service at 7 p.m,


Sat., March 26,1 p.m, Jr. Church Egg Hunt (Donations of $$ and/or candy appreciated)


Sun., March 27, Easter Message: I have a risen Lord!


April 15-16 ClothingIFood Give-Away & Basement Sale.

April 27-May 1: CampMeeting 2016!


Rita’s Review








The last few Wednesdays, we’ve been studying Christ’s Sermon on the Mount. With compassion, the great teacher tried to share His important message with those who had gathered. He spoke of love, and expressed a sound doctrine of living; He tried to help people seek truth while fulfilling the scripture. I wonder, as He spoke, did He ever look deep into the eyes of Judas and try extra hard to make him comprehend what He was saying? In those quiet times, when Christ was alone with the Disciples, did He ever have one- on-one conversations about their heart’s condition? In the Garden, when Christ prayed so hard that He sweat “great drops of blood”, was it because He really didn’t want to die (afterall, he knew where he was going)? Or was it because He was interceding with every ounce of strength for his friends whom He knew could fall prey to the enemy so easily. During the Last Supper, as He sat with the 12, I wonder what else was said to his friends that was not printed in the Bible? As human, I question, but as a Child of God, I trust in the Good Shepherd who gave His life for the sheep. Because of Christ, I can live, and I can love! And so can you! Yield to Christ this Easter Season and raise your voice in praise to the Holy One who paid it all at the Cross! And who Forever Loves You!

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