May 2017








May 2017, fully charged. One of the first things that we look at when we take our cell phones off the charger is to see where our battery strength is. If it’s fully charged, then we know that it is ready for the day with telemarketers, and all the other weird calls we get. Sometimes it’s hard to sort out all of those in order to find where we are in comparison to the real calls we want to receive and make. The words “fully charged” apply to many different things in life. Our vehicles and lawn mowers, razors, and candles, hearing aids, ad a whole host of other items we watch closely to make sure that they are fully charged. Yet many times we leave off the important things that affect our lives the most. Jesus instructed his followers at the mount of ascension that they should not leave Jerusalem until the promise of the father reach them. He said “You will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.” Acts 1:8 Jesus told them they would receive power after the Holy Spirit had come upon them. He told them when they received this power they would become witnesses of him literally all over the world. Being filled with the fullness or being charged up to capacity is essential in this critical world. Those who heeded his words become fully charged and as an affluent package of the Holy Spirit arrived just 10 days later. This is fully described in Acts 2: 1- 4 as we see each one capacity with the Holy Spirit, and their lives were never the same. We could say that these followers of Jesus were fully charged. They took the Gospel around the world, preaching and teaching that Jesus was Lord and that he was Lord of all. How about you? Are you filled, ready to take on whatever comes your way? You can be! It’s for you too! Camp meeting is getting ready-to start and I don’t know a better time or place to get fully charged than to be a part of this meeting. May 3-7: Get involved and

get Charged Up! Now! May God Bless You Your Pastors,

Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard



May 3 – 7th Campmeeting 2017!!!.

Begin the Mornings at 10 a.m. with

Dustin Taylor. At 6 p.m. Dustin wiD

minister to the Youth, Ages 12-19. Then

at 7:15 p.m., The Amazing Adam

(Schmidgall) will minister to the

children while the adults are having

their own service with special music

and the ministry of Bill Juoni of Fresh

Fire Ministry. There will be some

special meals at Golden Corral and an

Old-Fashioned Breakfast and Pitch-in

Lunch. The line-up of Special Music is:

Wednesday: Christian Cavaliers;

Thursday: Mark Vise; Friday: High

Sierra; Saturday & Sunday Morning:

New Calvary Echoes from Nashville.

TN. Sunday Eve. Gospel Servants

Sun., May 14, Mother’s Day! We will

honor all mother’s attending the 10:30

a.m. service.

Sun., May 21,6 p.m, Mtg of the Church

Board AND of DIVAs.

Rita’s Review


It wasn’t too long ago I could watch mom plink out a tune on the keyboard. In the last days of her life, it really was “plinking” that she was doing. The arthritis had her body so locked that she could no longer reach from one end of the keyboard to the other but it didn’t stop her from trying. I think about how years ago, mom was able to work (hard) all day at various tasks. She farmed, she took care of others, she made sure we were fed, kept a clean home, kept up with the church activities and on and on the list went. She gave of herself (even when it hurt) many, many times. I wonder, did I ever come close to accomplishing what she did? And more importantly, did I show her my appreciation for what she did? As a mother, I cherish my children (however, they are not so little now). I had a role model that was superior in giving love and grace. I hope I have at least met that challenge respectively. However, it doesn’t take “blood” to make you a mother. It takes heart. It takes the desire to nurture another individual. Anyone can do it. For the sake of Christ, we should ALL nurture and train others in the love of God. Make it clear to the “world” around you that God is love and that he offers salvation from sin. You don’t have to be “super human” or even “super mom”. Just be who you are in Jesus and let his love direct your life.


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