May 2016

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May 2016. I am always inspired by the transformation of nature. It was a welcomed relief last summer to finally put the lawn mower away, but now it’s time to dust it off and start fresh again. However along with spring and a fresh start in 2016, the metamorphosis of nature is nothing compared to what God is planning in the lives of his children. I can only imagine what the Glory of the Lord will be like when Jesus returns for his people. Can you imagine the moment when our bodies, those which lie underground are summoned by the Lord of Glory? When the trump of God sounds, everything is going to make major changes!!! Paul tells us in his letter to the Thessalonians that in a moment, in the twinkle of an eye we shall be changed. The old is going to be done away with and all shall be new. There are some things we won’t need any longer .. I could let someone have a heart valve and a pace maker. They have been doing a good job, but my new body will have a new heart working in perfect order! Others may have stints and multiple apparatuses but there will not be a need for them any longer as they will be like last year’s grass clippings that we blew off of the mower and into the wind. Jesus is preparing a place where we shall abide as kings and queens in the presence of the heavenly host. John the Apostle got a bird’s eye view of the beautiful place that God is preparing for his sons and daughters. Only with the ushering in of the new dimension can we ever imagine all that is being put together. The Lord is adding to his kingdom daily those who come to him with humbled hearts. He calls out to each one “Come unto me all ye who are heavy hearted and I will give you rest.” This could be your day! Don’t turn the call away. Come to Jesus today and be blessed. After all, this is a new day in a new year – we have never been this close to Christ’s return! Join us in Worship and Praise in 2016,

Your Pastors,

Rev. Richard and Rosie Deckard



What is Happening


Sun., May 1, Don’t Miss this last day of
Campmeeting! Jim Calhoun will
minister at 10:30. There will be a pitch-
in luncheon at noon. And then the
closing service will be with Keith

Taylor and Michael Lyle at 7:15 p.m.
Come and Receive your blessing!

Fri., May 6, DIVA’s night out.

Sun., May 8, Mother’s Day. Every
mother present will be honored. Plan to
bring your whole family and worship
with Mom this Sunday.

Sun., May 15, Mtg. of the Church
Board @ 6 p.m.

Sun., May 15 Mtg of DIVAs @ 6 and
House Warming Shower.

Sun., May 29, Special celebration in the
10:30 a.m. service to celebrate
Memorial Day.

Mon., May 30, Memorial Day

Sat., June 4, Community Service Event



Rita’s Review 











May is always a month I look forward to. The weather is generally warm, nature is alive with vibrant spring colors, and I get to spend more time outdoors. A few years ago, we purchased a swing for our back deck. I’ve logged several hours relaxing on it and looking out over our back yard. I thank God every day for a home to enjoy! He has blessed my life with so much – there are not enough words to pen them all. Sometimes I feel guilty because I think maybe I haven’t praised God enough. But maybe it’s not guilt. Maybe it is the nudging of the Holy Spirit to remember who the creator is and to honor the One who has blessed the day with His good gifts. I’ve been reading a book entitled, When God Stepped In, by a man who has journaled life-saving events whereby God had chosen to save his life from sickness, accidents, and evil. He finishes his journaling of each event with a prayer of thanksgiving to God. Unfortunately, I know there are those who find it difficult to see blessings in their lives. My heart goes out to them for just being alive is a blessing! And for those who have a true relationship with Christ, know what the peace that God offers is all about. The world we live in is full of chaos, but thank the Good Lord, He overcame the chaos and made a path to eternal life that we can all walk. It’s May 2016 – a great day to be alive! Count your blessings! -rita

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